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  • 30 ml Archie Rose Vodka
  • 60 ml Capi Grapefruit Soda / Capi Soda Water
  • Citrus Wedge such as Lemon, Lime or Grapefruit - Squeezed and Dropped In


    1. Gather all ingredients
    2. Squeeze fresh grapefruit juice into a glass, strain
    3. Pour the vodka and fresh grapefruit juice into the tall glass and fill with ice and mix well
    4. Garnish


    Salty Dog - Run citrus wedge around the rim of the glass and add salt to make the Salty Dog
    OG Greyhound - Swap Original Vodka for Signature Dry Gin to make the Original Greyhound.
    Italian Greyhound - Turn it into an aperitif for a great dinner drink by adding 15ml of Campari.

    Mix it up with other fruit/ juices and mixers of your choice such as a CAPI Dry Ale or CAPI Blood Orange for a mellower experience.